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Cecilly Brook Local Nature Reserve

Cecilly Brook Local Nature Reserve

Situated in the centre of Cheadle this site is mainly know and used as Public Open Space.

The site follows the Cecilly Brook from Ullswater Drive to the footbridge below the South Moorlands Leisure Centre. It also incorporates unimproved meadow grassland to the west of the Thorley Drive Football pitches.

Cecilly Brook itself is one of the most important breeding sites for water voles in Staffordshire. This has been recognised by the designation of the site as a Local Nature Reserve in 2004

This is a very pleasent walk and if your lucky you will see one of the water voles pearched alongside the waters edge.

How to get there

On foot

The site can be accessed via the valley walk footpath from Ullswater Drive, Oakamoor Road, Ashbourne Road,and Rakeway road. There are also footpaths on to the site from Bittern Lane, Dale Close, Maple Close, Cedar Close and through Thorley Drive Playing Fields.

By Car.

Parking is available at the South Moorlands Leisure Centre, Allen Street, Cheadle. Cecilly Brook is below the sports grounds to the rear of the centre. The brook can be crossed using the bridge at Ashbourne Road or the footbridge below the Leisure Centre.

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